Full Stack Web Development Program Syllabus

This Program will be a 9 Month weekend Training Program delivered in an intense Bootcamp format.You will start learn the art of programming and product development. This will help candidates to master the back-end, front-end and database technologies covering all the aspect of Web Development.

Front End

Learn web development basics, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Front-end Framework

Learn to build front-end applications using React JS


Java, APIs, Spring Framework, Node.js, Python


Learn about database basics, SQL

Testing & Deployment

TDD, writing tests, AWS or Heroku


Learn Git, agile methodologies

Project Work

Build your own real-world applications and deploy in Cloud (AWS or Heroku)

Interview Preparation

Make your portfolio, Resume & LinkedIn, Interview Preparation

Placement Assistance

Placement assistance to get your dream job

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